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What is: a show of hands?
a show of hands is an electronic narrative. The story customizes itself around your reading, using an adaptive hypertext system called Literatronic. There are two versions of the tale: an excerpt entitled “a little show of hands” (Hypperhiz 2008) and the full novella (in-progress).
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Adaptive Hypertext  Book:  A Show of Hands
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By Mark C. Marino. (in-progress, 2006) «Interlacing vignettes of interlocking fingers, a Show of Hands is an adaptive hypertext novela. Marino creates images of deep poetical power and fluid narrative structure. The hands in a Show... work, explore the world, provide human contact, but most of all, provide the clues about the complex characters in this novel and how they interact in the encounter between the Hispanic and Anglo-Saxon cultures.» Review by Juan B. Gutierrez.   More...
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